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pearl jewelry, pearl jewelry wholesale - pearl necklace, pearl earrings, pearl bracelet pearl jewelry, pearl jewelry wholesale - pearl necklace, pearl earrings, pearl bracelet
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wholesale pearl jewelry

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pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, pearl pendant

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The information of pearls jewelry
Various combinations of pearl necklace come in and out of fashion with regularity so pearls jewelry too are a must.  Both fake and real freshwater pearl jewelry or cultured pearl jewelry are very affordable today.  Many are now bought from China since trade opened up in the nineties.  The price of pearls jewelry has dropped by about a fifth in the past 10 years and the Chinese are making waves in the pearl jewelry world with their cheaper prices.  The Japanese have suffered disease in their pearl beds as well as facing competition and are finding it hard to compete with China's prices. 
Pearl necklace and pearl earrings can lift a complexion and bring light and radiance to the face taking years off a woman whatever her age.  If you can afford it, invest in a pair of Mabe pearl earrings.  They have a wonderful white glow with a size about one centimetre across and look expensive.  Expect to pay about £300 for a pair trimmed with 9ct gold.  Look after them by rubbing gently with a pure silk scarf, store in their original box and always put them on after applying perfume and hair products.  A matching real freshwater pearl necklace or cultured pearl necklace, will enhance them and you.
Pearls are currently back in fashion again and with the modern twist of being interspaced on gold wire or floating on special synthetic cord they are essential to the millennium look.  Look out for variations too on drop pearl earrings in the next year or so.
Cocktail Jewellery
In the 1920s Lalique designed good mass produced quality glass jewellry. Fake, or costume jewellery was sometimes then called cocktail jewellery.  It was greatly influenced byCoco Chanel (1883-1971) and Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973).  They both encouraged clients to use costume jewellery and to mix it with genuine gem pieces they already owned.  Both designers offered imagination and fun and both often sported fabulous fakes.
In the late 1930s Napier of the USA was at the forefront of manufacturing fake cocktail jewels, which offered glamour and escapism.  Napier still produces excellent contemporary costume pieces.
Hollywood Influence
By the 1940s and 1950s American culture was very dominant in Europe.  The influence of movie films and the prominence of film stars set the fashion in manners, make-up, hair and clothes.  People wanted look alike copies of outfits and jewellery worn by screen idols.  It was widely believed that Hollywood glamour would rub off on you if you had the clothes and developed the look.
The Second World War in Europe halted production of fine jewellery when metals were rationed.  New estate type, fine precious metal and gem jewellery was simply not available.  Quality costume jewellery which was flourishing in America, became much more acceptable and was a real alternative to fine jewellery.
Because of technical advances in production methods, a huge range of styles was available from America, and since it was so popular the market became dynamic and inventive and affordable.
1980's Television Influence - Dynasty, Dallas and Diamante
In the 1980s there was a huge revival of costume jewellery after the glitzy scenes from the television soap operas Dynasty and Dallas were watched by 250 million viewers in the consumer boon of the 1980s.  Diamante by day became the norm in reality and earrings reached such huge proportions that the 1990s saw a reaction which quickly dated lavish dress jewellery as the fashion for tiny real diamond studs or a fine stud pearls became the only earring to wear.  As soon as the fashion was declared dead by everyone, including grandmothers, it was revived again in 2000AD by the fashion cognoscenti.  Now fabulous fakes, especially brooches have gained ground once more.
Jewellery for the 21st Century
Costume jewellery can enliven a fashion wardrobe and bring a dash of panache especially for one off special occasions.  Costume jewellery can be superb.  The superb is usually plated at least seven times with 18 or 22 ct gold. 
For example Joan Rivers does a range of good costume jewellery modelled on original fine gem pieces.  One of her trademarks is to make jewellery doubly useful and she produces sets of interchangeable earrings, pendants and tennis bracelets.  For example you might be able to slip a range of up to 10 different coloured stones, pearls or Swarovski crystals into an 18ct gold plated earring to vary the look.  Her jewellery is exclusive to the QVC shopping channel in the UK and she is constantly working on new ideas such is her enthusiasm.

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